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Join "SoftCrayons PHP training classes". We have lots of reasons for why should you join us. SoftCrayons is a prominent software development and training institute in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, Noida. We are not new in the field of trendy technologies like PHP, Python, Magento, Joomla, Java, JQuery, Jscript, HTML,.NET, ….etc. We are not merely trainers; we are also a renowned and an authorized software development company established in 2012.

We provide global certificates for successfully completing the PHP course and after qualifying the exams conducting by SoftCrayons itself. Students will never need to disturb their academics or other activities due to our flexible PHP batch timings. Our experts are more than 5 years experienced trainers who are ever ready to give full support to their aspirants.

Our trainers are not merely trainers; they have worked in or working in big multinational software companies. They are internationally certified programmers in different technologies and with different framework.

PHP Training Course Module

  • Introduction To Web Development
  • Core PHP Concepts
  • Technologies With PHP :
    • --> HTML
    • --> JavaScript
    • --> Jquery
    • --> CSS and BootStrap
    • --> Ajax
  • OOPs Concepts In PHP
  • Live Project
  • HTML Tags in Version 4 and 5
  • HTML Forms, Form Elements and Input Attributes
  • HTML5 Form Elements and Input Attributes
  • Inline, Internal and External CSS
  • Theme Development with Bootstrap.
  • Responsive and browser compatible Web Development
  • Development of Static Website with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
  • Variables, Arrays, Operators and Loops
  • JS Events
  • Javascript Functions
  • Validating Form data with JS and Jquery
  • Use of variables and arrays in JS
  • Making a basic Carousel with Javascript
  • Use of jQuery in Faster Web Development
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