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Advanced Web Design Training

Web Design Training Instiutes in NCR

Softcrayons tech solutions is a leading web designing training center/institute in Delhi/NCR. We provide advanced level web design training by industry experts according to the need of IT Industry. Mainly we are well known for creating business websites and ecommerce websites along with job oriented web development training given by our experienced web developer and his/her team.

Our Module for web designing course

With the help of this module you will be able to learn complete web development courses which is the next step for any one who is learning web designing courses. These web design courses modules will help you to design good looking and attractive websites.

Why choose web designing

Web Designing Training is common to learn so that you can start your own online business too. If you are not looking for your business so you can get a good Job in any IT or Ecommerce company. Due to the increment in online market customers, Business owners are move towards online world. For an online store or ecommerce website, its look and structure really matters and a good looking website or a web page can only be designed if you know good website designing techniques. We are providing complete web designing course including HTML, CSS, Java Script, photoshop, Ajax, coral draw, boot strap, HTML 5 and CSS 3.

HTML5 Training

HTML 5 is a revision of HTML, the advance programming language for describing the contents and look of Web pages. It was developed for the purpose to solve compatibility problems which affect the existing standard of HTML. Difference between HTML 5 and existing standard of HTML is syntax, canvas elements, header and footer element, audio video elements etc.

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HTML Training

HTML is a language of website creation and very easy language to learn & understand. In HTML web designers use codes to design a website. Hyper Text Markup Language means HTML is official language of the World Wide Web (www.). First conceived in the year of 1990, product of SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language).

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CSS3 Training

CSS3 is enhanced version of Cascading Style Sheet is widely used to make easy look and feel of web pages written in markup language. CSS3 adds new innovation like rounded corner, Text effect, 2D/3D transformation and multiple columns etc. CSS3 file saves using .CSS extension specially designed to make separation of web page content like layout, font, heading, color etc.

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Illustrator Training

Illustrator is graphics tool used to design business website patters logo, sharp edges illustration etc and user can edit vector image outline. Illustrator utility is developed by Adobe System helps to provide desire pattern for business logo. To create vector graphics Adobe Illustrator uses mathematical constructs.

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CorelDraw Training

Graphics tool CorelDraw is used to design two dimensional images like company logos, posters, booklets, flyers, visiting card, ID card etc. Windows and MAC operating system supported Corel draw vector picture editor utility designed by Corel Corporation of Ottawa Canada in 1989 edits photos with special color effect, border etc.

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Photoshop Training

Photoshop is most popular graphics tool used for designing website templates, pictures editing, logos, 3D effect templates and many more. An image editing Photoshop program is build up by Thomas and John Knoll at Adobe System Inc. Photoshop plug-in extend functionality of Photoshop software and few well-liked plugin are Color correction plugin, Special effect plugin and 3D effect plugin.

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JavaScript Training

JavaScript is interpreted, object oriented language usually used to design interactive web site. JavaScript code will run when visitor access web page in browser. JavaScript is developed by Netscape Communications Corporation that support by all latest browser. JavaScript dynamic programming language file is used in HTML code with pair tag.

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JQuery Training

JQuery is easy to use and opens source JavaScript library licensed under MIT License is used for web development to make thing easy by using various APIs. Cross platform dependent JQuery core feature is (Document Object Model) DOM manipulation library. In January 2006, jquery was first released at BarCamp NYC by John Resig. The very next month it added support for AJAX. In the month of may it completely become open source.

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TQuery Training

T-query is application programming interface that is combination of threejs and jquery. Threejs is javascript library use webgl (Web Graphics Library a JavaScript API) to develop and display 3D animated graphics on web browsers. T query aim is to develop easy to use and fastest graphics web application using threejs and jquery APIs.

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Ajax Training

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is widely used in web application that helps to show update of respond web pages quickly. Ajax makes group of various technologies like HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript etc to provide fast user interactive web applications means update only required on element of web page except whole page like Google map and whether forecasting etc.

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Bootstrap Training

Bootstrap is framework as we know of HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript, help to create a responsive and mobile websites. It is front end framework to design user interactive website not only for desktop pc users while also provide website development for mobile device and tablet users. It is open source and designs responsive website with superior functionality.

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Responsive Website Designing Training

In today’s world website owner want their online business website should be accessible by all devices user like desktop PC, laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, iPhone etc without any change in display of web pages like resolution, images etc. Responsive web design (RWD) is solution of all the problems so by using responsive web design designer can develop website that has best viewing experience and less resizing, scrolling for navigation and reading.

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Why should you choose softcrayons for web designing courses

  • 1. Softcrayons tech solutions is not only a web designing training institute but also a leading web development and web designing company working for various clients from last 5 years. We are one of the leading web designing training institute in Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad.After completing the training we provide live project working facility to all our trainees.

  • 2. Our trainees can work on a live project under the guidance of senior web designers and web developers. Our experienced faculties teach you the process to create user friendly website with the help of element of web design like layout, color, graphics and content. Basic web designing is created by using HTML, CSS and Photoshop and user interactive website by JavaScript, JQuery and Ajax etc. SoftCrayons in Delhi-NCR, Noida and Ghaziabad has experienced trainer that trained student with all aspect of web designing like usability, navigation, layout design etc.

  • 3. Also we provide placement facilities to our trainees. Our placement cell can take charge of it. After completing training we arrange interviews in many leading companies and our trainees get an interview call directly from those companies.

  • 4. Our management department will help you to prepare for HR interviews.

  • 5. Also we provide complete web designing tutorials to our trainees with practical sessions.

Training Benefits

  • 1. our professional team will help you to prepare Technical and HR Interviews.

  • 2. At the end of the course you will get problem solving classes.

  • 3. work experience & Live project training

  • 4. Job placement and Certification

  • 5. Web designing tutorials prepared by senior website designers and developers.

  • 6. Softcrayons Tech Solutions is popular for providing best web designing courses in Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida.