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Finest Core JAVA, Android, and Kotlin Course and Certification in Ghaziabad By Softcrayons

The best marginal value-added component for a company application is essential for all. Therefore, to improve yourself professionally, why not enrol in some courses at the Top IT Training Institute?

When it comes to advancing your career and expanding your business into the digital sphere, one of the most significant players in the market is the Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Training Certification in Mobile Application Development Course.

Let's learn more about this intersection of Core Java, Android, and Kotlin Certification, wherein the very best information is found.

Kotlin Course Certification is quickly becoming the de facto standard for Android developers. Kotlin efficiently replaces Java, the industry standard for creating Android apps.

Java is still an essential language for developing Android apps. Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Training Course is making enormous headway in app development.

Kotlin has been approved to become the second official Android language after Java.

This post will discuss the advantages of using Kotlin Course Certification over Java while developing Android applications.

The benefits are numerous and varied, from easy learning to having a well-structured code base to produce precise results. Follow the link for further reading.

Anticipated Benefits of Learning Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Course Certification for App Development

Kotlin has surpassed Java as the preferred programming language. Because Kotlin compiles Java's bytecode, it plays nicely with Java.

Despite Java's widespread adoption and Kotlin's reputation for stability, more and more app developers are choosing to learn Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Training Certification to take advantage of Android's future-proofing capabilities. We've included some of the most striking examples below.

  • Simpler Components of Development

Minimizing complexity by rounding down integers. Writing more straightforward, more understandable code is a breeze with the help of Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Course Training.

The official Kotlin development team has been working hard to maintain a simple syntax for the language. Shorter codes have less room for error.

  • Safeguarding Against Mistakes

Error prevention is less of a concern in very long stretches of code, freeing your attention to the code's general quality and logic.

  • Very Easy to Learn and Implement Codes

The fact that Kotlin is statically typed contributes to its readability and brevity. Finding and fixing bugs in the brief, easy-to-understand codes is less complicated.

Kotlin code can potentially improve software development efficiency over Java code. The streamlined IDE provided by the Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Training Course offers the foundation for this to be possible.

Learn the Foundations of Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Course Certification to Craft an Impressive Language.

The Mobile Application Development Course provides the best certification training in Ghaziabad. The business factors of lead generation and customer connection will benefit significantly from this.

If you're serious about your professional development, enrolling in Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Training Certification in Ghaziabad (offline or online) is an absolute must.

  • Conceiving a Competent Substitute for Java Programming

Even though the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) has been reliable for years, interest in Java software development is declining. After years of development, the JVM-based programming language Kotlin has become a serious contender to traditional Java.

  • Fusions of FP and OO Capabilities

Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Training Course is a work-in-progress open-source programming language that combines functional and object-oriented elements to make it more powerful than Java 6. It was developed by JetBrains and is backed by Google.

As a result of Google's continued development and support since its inception, Core Java Kotlin Course Training is now the language of choice for enterprises looking to create sophisticated web and Android applications. The Java programming language has some shortcomings that Kotlin aims to fix.

  • Condense and Spruce Up The Language

Despite their similarities, Kotlin Course Certification is chosen over Java Certification Training; it is shorter and cleaner. Kotlin's ability to decrease syntactical overhead has resulted in programs that are 40% shorter than their Java counterparts.

Similar syntax, simplicity, and intuitive nature make Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Training with Certification an appealing alternative for Java programmers. 

In particular, the Android App Development Course with Training community has come to rely on Kotlin's environment due to Kotlin's support for capabilities unavailable in Java.

Why Choose Mobile Application Development Training in Ghaziabad with Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Courses Certification?

You should review your idea and choose a platform before developing through Best Mobile Application Development Training. Also, it's recommended that you consider the app's underlying concept. 

The language chosen must also facilitate the efficient management of the mobile app and the optimal employment of its features.

  • Java Micro Edition, a Development Environment for Mobile Applications

Java's versatility as a programming language and its support for various platforms have contributed to its worldwide acceptance. No longer should high-quality apps for both platforms be a priority.

Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Training Certification in Application Development Curriculum is not limited to the usage of Java alone.

When there are several viable possibilities for how an app should be built, it can be challenging for a company to settle on a single one.

Further, there are benefits to expanding human speech. However, as a Java development company, we are already skilled in the language that will work best for your business's application.

  • Modifications to Existing JAVA, Android, and Kotlin Training Applications Core

Two of the most popular Java program add-ons make a difference. By taking advantage of the resources available through Mobile Application Development Courses, you can establish yourself as a critical figure in the application development field.

  • System Programs Available Online

It's generally accepted that web-based applications are the preferred method of getting work done for most people who utilize the Internet or a similar network. It's server-side code that can be accessed from any browser with the right Java plug-ins.

In computing, "desktop apps" refer to programs that can only be used on a single desktop PC. They are constructed using the Java Certification Course and are local properties.

Features and norms typical of languages like C and C++ are covered. Java-based tools are also viral. Other benefits to employing Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Training Certification exist.

The OOPS idea can serve as a springboard for further exploration.

The main benefit of the Java + Kotlin Course with Android training is that it enables the use of Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS), which is superior to other approaches to app creation due to its scalability and flexibility.

It has a vast library of tried and true designs to choose from. Since object-oriented programming paradigms like Spring are widely used today, mobile app designers have more options than ever.

Once you've explored employing some seasoned Java developers who can tell you whether or not combining a specific technology with Java is even conceivable, things will become much more precise than if you were to take a Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Training Course.

  • Exquisite Outcomes with Minimal Expenditure

If you're making a mobile app, this is the end goal. The organization's primary objective is to maximize its financial resources' return on investment while minimizing its outlays.

Completing the Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Training Course requires massive user adoption of the candidate's mobile application. 

Compared to other options, Java Certification Training comes out on top again because of its flexibility and affordable cost despite its high performance.

Suppose you can follow this basic guideline of creating and releasing something new to the market. In that case, you'll have a great shot at making Mobile Application Training Certification as close to ideal as possible.

  • Gain Credibility Amongst Global Organizations

Now, most smartphones run Google's Android operating system. You've devised a plan to roll out a revolutionary mobile app to help power users and boost output.

Businesses may have one-on-one conversations with clients anytime, day or night, using mobile applications. Certification in Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Course Training helps maintain the app's quality with regular updates and support.

They need to develop a useful mobile app to advertise their goods and services because there are so many Android users, and that number will only increase. Because of their intuitive design, certain mobile apps have seen exponentially more significant success than others.

Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Training with Certification may do wonders for your brand's exposure because it streamlines the process of creating high-quality, easily accessible, and user-friendly mobile applications.

In what ways does taking a course with Softcrayons in Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Certification Training surpass any other options available?

Your new or upgraded Android apps should consider that Kotlin has unquestionably ushered in a new era of Android app development.

Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Training Certification is offered by Softcrayons IT Training Institute in Ghaziabad, which takes great pleasure in providing services and products that meet the needs of its customers and evolve with the market.

Don't listen to the critics; major companies already see the benefits of the Core JAVA + Android + Kotlin Course Certification. Our team will use these languages to create a custom app for your company.

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Our programs is led by industry experts who bring years of real-world experience to you, which helps you to gain more experience to the classroom.

Flexible Learning

You can choose our courses either online or in-person training. We also offer self-paced learning options that allow you to learn at your own pace.

Hands-on Experience

You'll have access to a range of tools and resources by our faculty in this course, that will help you develop to secure networks in real-world environments.


Our Programs is a prestigious certification which is recognized worldwide and can help you get advanced to build your future career in the network security.

Benefits of the Course

100% Placement Assistance

Softcrayons provides job oriented training to all students and they get job as soon as they complete their training

Live Projects Training

Softcrayons is the best Institute in Noida and Ghaziabad for Live Projects Training. we provide Complete Live Projects training with real-time scenarios for all our students

Mock Interview Session

Sharpen your interview skills with our mock interview session. Gain confidence, receive feedback, and ace your next interview

Globally Recognized Certifications

Unlock global opportunities with our recognized certifications. Validate your skills and expertise, stand out in your field, and advance your career with confidence


  • Understanding Requirement: why JAVA
  • Why java important to the internet

  • Java Virtual Machine Architecture
  • Class Loading Process By Class Loaders
  • Booting Loader
  • Extension Loader
  • System Loader
  • Role Of Just In Time Compiler (Jit)
  • Execution Engine

  • Data Types , Variables ad Arrays Operators
  • Control statements
  • Object oriented paradigms Abstractions
  • The Three OOP Principles: (Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism)

  • Class fundamentals
  • Commands line arguments
  • Learning Static Initializer
  • Declaration of objects
  • Instance variable Hiding
  • Overloading and Overriding of Methods
  • Upcasting
  • Down casting
  • Understanding of Access Controls (private, public and protected)
  • Learning Nested and Inner classes
  • Dynamic method Dispatching
  • Using Abstract classes
  • Using final to prevent Overriding & Inheritance
  • Garbage collection

  • Defining a package
  • Understanding CLASSPATH
  • Access Protection
  • Importing packages
  • Defining and Implementing interfaces
  • Anonymous classes
  • Abstract classes Vs interfaces
  • Adapter classes

  • Fundamental of Exception handling
  • Types of Exceptions
  • Learning exceptions handlers
  • Try and Catch
  • Multiple catch Clauses
  • Nested Try Statements
  • Throw, throws and finally
  • Creating custom exceptions
  • Assertion

  • Learning String Operation
  • Learning character Extraction
  • Learning string Comparison
  • Understanding string Buffer Classes
  • String builder class
  • Creating Immutable Class

  • Premain method, Object size
  • Generics
  • Annotions
  • Vargs
  • Static Import
  • For each
  • String in which

  • Introduction to JFC
  • Controls

  • Event Classes
  • Event listeners

  • Creating a thread: Extended Thread and Implementing Runable
  • Creating multiple Thread and Context Switching
  • Synchronization: methods and statements
  • Inter thread Communication
  • Thread local
  • Dead lock
  • Threadpool executer class
  • Shutdown hookup
  • Re-entrent locking The java thread model
  • Creating a thread: Extended Thread and Implementing Runable
  • Creating multiple Thread and Context Switching
  • Synchronization: methods and statements
  • Inter thread Communication
  • Thread local
  • Dead lock
  • Threadpool executer class
  • Shutdown hookup
  • Re-entrent lockingber

  • File handling
  • Binary Streams
  • Character stream
  • Serialization
  • Scanner
  • Stream tokenizer
  • String tokenizer
  • GzipOutStream class
  • Data Encryption & decryption

  • URL, InetAddress
  • Socket And Server Socket
  • Datagram socket
  • Socket factories

  • Determining the class of an object
  • Getting information about classes modifier, fields, methods, constructor, and super classes
  • Finding out constant and method declaration belong to an interface
  • Creating an instance of a class whose name is not known until runtime
  • Invoking a method on an object if the method is unknown until runtime
  • Creating a new array whose size and components type are not know until runtime
  • Invoking private member of a class
  • Getting and setting value of an objects field if field name is unknown until runtime

  • The Collection Interfaces (list , set, Sorted set)
  • Accessing a Collection via an Iterator
  • Working with maps
  • Working with Comparators
  • The Collection Algorithms
  • Date and Time Handling
  • Collection Class
  • Array class

  • Introduction to Android
  • Brief history of Android
  • What is Android?
  • Why is Android important?
  • What benefits does Android have?
  • What is OHA?
  • Why to choose Android?
  • Software architecture of Android
  • Advantages of Android
  • Android features Android market
  • Comparing Android with other platform
  • Terms and acronyms

  • Details about the software requirement
  • Download and installation process of Android SDK
  • How to select Android version?
  • Step to create new project?
  • Running your application
  • Creation of new AVD
  • Android studio

  • How to select Android version?
  • Step to create new project
  • Running Your Application
  • Creation of New AVD
  • Creating run configuration
  • Creating your first Android activity
  • List of basic sample programs

  • Services
  • Broadcast receivers
  • Content providers Intents
  • Notifications
  • Activating and shutting down components
  • Brief idea about manifest file/li>
  • Brief idea about activities and Task

  • Activity Life Cycle with sample program
  • Service Life Cycle with sample program

  • What are views, Layouts and there classification?
  • How Android Draws views and Layout Classification?
  • Table Layout ln detail with Example
  • Tab Layout ln detail with Example
  • Frame Layout ln detail with Example
  • Linear Layout in detail with Example

  • Grid View In detail With Example
  • Map View In detail with Example
  • Cont. Sub Topical Views
  • Web View In detail with Example
  • Spinner In detail with Example
  • Gallery In detail with Example
  • Google Map View In detail with Example
  • Introduction to creating activity user with views
  • Different ways of creating views Using xml

  • Providing resources
  • Different resource file location
  • Providing alternative resources
  • Android finds the best matching resource
  • Accessing resources
  • Accessing platform resources
  • Handling runtime changes
  • Introduction to Jquery
  • JQuery work in Android

  • How to create menus?
  • Types of Android Application Menus
  • Option Menu
  • Expanded - In detail with Example
  • Context Menu ln detail with example
  • Sub Menu-In detail with example

  • Navigation Drawer
  • Simple Side Drawer
  • Tab Drawer
  • Extra Drawer

  • Handling user events
  • Different types of event listener
  • OnClickO
  • OnLongClickO
  • OnFocusChangeO
  • OnKeyO OnTouchO
  • OnCreateContextMenuO
  • Different types of event handler
  • OnKeyDown (int, KeyEvent)
  • OnKeyUp (int, KeyEvent)
  • OnTrackballEvent (MotionEvent)
  • OnTouchEvent (MotionEvent)
  • OnFocusChanged (boolean,int,Rect)

  • Introduction to dialogs
  • Showing and dismissing of dialog boxes
  • Alert dialog In detail with example
  • Progress dialog In detail with example
  • Threading and handler
  • Creating running applications-Events
  • Creating running applications-Dialogs

  • Notifying Users
  • Status bar Notification
  • Toast Notification
  • Dialog Notification

  • Different types of intent?
  • Launching sub-activities
  • What is intent filter
  • Intent objects---In detail with example
  • Using intents to take pictures
  • Handling sub activity results

  • Android techniques for data storage
  • Creating and saving shared preferences
  • Retrieving shared preferences
  • Storing in files
  • Loading from files.
  • Storing in databases.

  • Introducing SQLite database.
  • Working with Android databases.
  • Using SQLite OpenHelper.
  • Cursors and content values.
  • Opening and closing Database

  • Introducing services
  • Creating and controlling services
  • Registering a service in the manifest
  • Starting, controlling, and interacting with a service

  • Controlling the camera and taking pictures
  • Playing audio and video
  • Introducing the media player
  • Preparing audio for playback
  • Packaging audio as an application resource
  • Initializing audio content for playback
  • Preparing for video playback
  • Playing video using the video view
  • Setting up a surface for video playback
  • Initializing video content for playback
  • Supported video formats
  • Controlling playback
  • Managing media playback output
  • Multimedia supported audio formats
  • Recording audio and video
  • Using Intents to Record Video
  • Configuring and Controlling Video Recording
  • Previewing Video Recording
  • Reading and Writing JPEG EXIF Image Details
  • Adding new media to media storage Using the Media Scanner
  • Inserting Media into the Media Store Raw video manipulation
  • Recording Sound with Audio Record
  • Playing Sound with Audio Track Speech recognition
  • Creating and Running and Testing

  • Using Location Based Services
  • Working with the location manager
  • Configuring the Emulator to Test Location Based Services

  • DDMS: Dalvik debug monitor Service
  • Trace View

  • Security Architecture
  • User Ids and File Access
  • Using Permissions
  • Declaring and Enforcing Permissions

  • Rolling your own Widgets
  • Drawables
  • Bitmaps
  • Paint

  • Accessing the Local Bluetooth Device Adapter
  • Managing Bluetooth Properties and State
  • Managing Device Discoverability
  • Discovering Remote Devices
  • Monitoring Active Connection Details
  • Scanning for Hotspots
  • Managing Wi-Fi Configurations
  • Creating Wi-Fi Network Configurations
  • Device Vibration
  • Controlling device vibration

  • Using SMS and MMS in Your Application
  • Sending SMS and MMS from your Application
  • Using Intents and the Native Client Sending SMS Messages Manually Tracking and Conforming SMS Message Delivery
  • Conforming to the Maximum SMS
  • Message Size Sending DAT Messages

  • What is content provider
  • How to access build in Content provider
  • Retrieving build - in Content provider data

  • Launching the Dialer to Initiate Phone Calls Replacing the Native Dialer
  • Accessing phone and Network Properties & Status
  • Reading Phone Device Details
  • Reading Data Connection and Transfer State Reading Network Details

  • Using sensors and the sensor manager
  • Introducing Sensors
  • Supported Android Sensers
  • Finding Sensors
  • Using Sensors
  • Interpreting the sensor values
  • Using the compass , accelerometer and orientation sensors
  • Introducing Accelerometers Detecting Acceleration Changes Creating a G-Forceometer

  • Binding Activities to services
  • Prioritizing Background services
  • Binding data with service

  • What are webservices
  • Web service Architecture
  • Asyn Task
  • Parsing Techniques JSON, XML Consuming WebServices CRUD Operations over Server

  • Introduction to JSON
  • Advantages of JSON over XML
  • Syntax & Structure of JSON
  • Why is JSON is preferred for mobile applications Different types JSON Parsers ,simple json , Jackson , GSON to parse the JSON

  • Introduction Volley Library
  • Volley Library Advantages
  • Volley Library Components
  • How to setup the Environment Creating Volley singleton class Different Types of Requests Adding request headers Handling Volley Cache

  • Realtime Database
  • Cloud Storage
  • Authentication
  • Cloud Messaging
  • AdMob
  • Crash Reporting

  • What is GCM ?
  • GCM Architecture
  • GCM Services
  • Instant Messaging
  • TTL (Time to Live)
  • Group Messaging
  • Server Communication

  • Facebook Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Google/Gmail Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • List and Card
  • View Shadows/ Custom Shadows
  • App Bar /Action Bar
  • Matterial Theme
  • Adapter view and Recycler View

  • Clockwise
  • Zoom
  • Fade
  • Blink
  • Move
  • Slide

  • 20g Cat
  • Debugger
  • Trace View
  • Monkey Runner
  • UI Automator

  • Introduction to COCOS-2D
  • How to setup the Environment for COCOS-2D
  • COCOS-2D Components
  • CCDirector
  • CCLayer
  • CCNode
  • CCSprite
  • CCMenus
  • Cocos-2D Actions ( CCMoveTo , CCRotateTo, CCJumpTo, CCScale , CCOrbit , CCBlink , CCFadeIn/Out .....)
  • CCSequence & CCRepeat actions.

  • Android automated testing
  • Android test strategy
  • How to test Android applications
  • What to test on Android applications
  • Testing preconditions
  • User interface tests
  • Which tests require an Android system to run?/li>
  • Testing standard Java classes
  • Testing Java classes which use the Android
  • Android test projects and running tests
  • Creating a test project & Running tests

  • Introduction and Setup the environment
  • Introduction
  • Install java JDK
  • Install IntelliJ IDEA

  • Program concept
  • Run first App
  • Variable Concept
  • Define Variables
  • Var vs Val
  • Input data – ReadLine
  • Add Comments
  • Null safety

  • Convert between Data Type
  • Math operations.
  • Priorites
  • Increment and Decrement
  • What is the Output
  • Debug your Code step by step

  • Logic statement
  • Simple IF
  • IF- Else
  • IF- ElseIF
  • Nested IF
  • When
  • Expression If and When.

  • Simple For Loop
  • Nested For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Do While Loop
  • Returns and Jumps

  • String
  • One-Dimension Array structure
  • One-Dimension Array implementation ArrayList
  • HashMap
  • mapOf, Arrayof, listOf and mutableListOf setOf and mutableSetOf

  • Simple Function
  • Function Overload
  • Polymorphism
  • Global and Local Variables

  • What is oops
  • Simple Class
  • Constructor
  • Inheritance
  • Visibility Modifiers
  • Overriding
  • Casting
  • super and this
  • interface
  • Abstract
  • Enum
  • Generic
  • Extensions
  • Packages
  • Inner and Nested Class
  • Lazy and Singleton design pattern

  • Exceptions: Try-Catch
  • File Write
  • File Read

  • Multi Threading Concept
  • Multi Threading example
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