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Create a more straightforward code structure and meet all these code elements using Best CodeIgniter Certification Training in Ghaziabad.

Modern web development services have created enough space for businesses to grow and look for effective ways to boost revenue.

The more effective the online service will be, the higher customer involvement will boost companies in various ways.

It is essential to get your web presence known by appealing websites showcasing your status as a market-leading company.

Counting on CodeIgniter for improved efficiency and reliability when it comes to secure web development is possible.

What is CodeIgniter Course Training Ghaziabad?

CodeIgniter Course is an open-source program used to create the web framework to build dynamic websites and web pages using PHP.

Many professionals and industrialists consider it among the top open source.

  • The framework for rapid development software is used to develop dynamic websites and web applications using PHP language.
  • The framework is based on loosely coupled systems and utilizes the well-known MVC (Model View Controller Framework) and the development pattern.
  • Controller classes are an essential element of the development and pattern, as are the views and models of the different entities.

The CodeIgniter is used extensively to modify your Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC). It allows developers to arrange a modular organization of controllers, models, and views.

The views and controllers are also organized in a subdirectory structure. The framework is renowned for its responsiveness and vibrant speed compared to different PHP frameworks.

Working Model of CodeIgniter Training with Certification Ghaziabad

CodeIgniter can help you draw attention to your project by reducing the code needed to accomplish the task. You'll be happy to know that it's free, so you won't have to worry about your budget.

  • It is yours to use in any way you like, as it's much faster than you think. MVC (Model, View, and Controller) has made things more accessible and exciting.
  • It is important to remember that the controller is a crucial component of MVC's computer unit; contrast, the model and the view constitute different sides.
  • Another thing that makes using CodeIgniter Training Certification enjoyable is its ability to generate cleaner URLs. This is among the many distinctive and crucial aspects.

These URLs are user-friendly and search engine compatible. They don't employ a traditional query string parameter. However, it uses a similar, more efficient method for search engines.

Is CodeIgniter Course Certification meant for architecture?

Learn every step clearly with the CodeIgniter structure and working procedure.

  • If the page has already cached the file, the router won't have to take a step to update the file, and the response will immediately revert to the user.
  • If the requested page isn't in the cache file, the Routing will submit the request through security checks.
  • After completing the security check, one will route the page you requested to the Application Controller.

The application controller will download the necessary files, including Models Libraries, Helpers plugins, and Scripts. Then, it is passed on onto the view.

Noted Points…

A View is designed to pull information via the Application Controller, showing the user the data and then passing it onto the file caching for fast access.

CodeIgniter Training Certification Ghaziabad with MVC Framework

The CodeIgniter application uses the MVC (Model View- Controller) method.

MVC can be described as software that separates the app's logic from the presentation's view.

The distinction in the display view from the PHP scripting allows websites to reduce the script.

Let's Talk About Model

The model is used to communicate with the databases. When a user needs specific information from the application, the model is accountable for obtaining the data within the database table.

The model also displays the data structure where you can perform various operations like insert, update, delete, and retrieve.

Let's Talk About Controller

The controller manages the functioning that CodeIgniter performs. CodeIgniter application. It appears as a mediator between the model and the view.

It is responsible for accepting the user's request and handling it efficiently by presenting the results and analyzing the model.

It shows the information to the user with the aid of the viewer component.

Let's Talk About View

A View is like a web page. It contains the information that is displayed to the users. Views can also be an element of the web page, including the footer and header. Additionally, it can represent the page's view in RSS and a user interface.

You may be looking for an elegant website that provides the correct information regarding your business, or you are searching for an e-commerce platform; set up the platform, and you can count on CodeIgniter!

Ease of Web App Development Through CodeIgniter Training with Certification Ghaziabad

We will share the benefits of engaging in the best CodeIgniter Course Training to provide a better user experience in web-based development.

Handling Bugs/Error Handling

CodeIgniter is a web development tool that will help you build websites that provide stunning performance and aesthetics.

A user-friendly interface is available that will aid in identifying any bugs or errors that may be hindering the smooth functioning of your website, eventually impacting your user's experience.


CodeIgniter is the only framework that offers ease of customizability compared to the many choices available.

Quick error correction and the ability to configure file structure in a more straightforward format are the primary reasons behind the need to use CodeIgniter, particularly when looking for reliable custom web creation services.


CodeIgniter is the most secure web development platform development, without a doubt.

It comes with advanced security features sufficient to demonstrate the overall stability of the platform.

The diverse encryption and decryption options have made this platform much more secure than other platforms.

User-friendly Interface

CodeIgniter is the most suitable choice for all web developers worldwide. You can enjoy the simplicity of building a fantastic site using the most intuitive interface available from CodeIgniter.

Whether you want an interactive website or are searching for the right platform to offer you the most web design experience doesn't matter.

Hassle-Free Migration

CodeIgniter allows users to transfer data from one server to another. Many companies depend on CodeIgniter for its ability to provide sufficient support for migration.

If there are problems, it is possible to be supported by the large community of users that could be the best support you get from a web-based development platform.

MVC-Based System

The platform is built upon MVC (Model View Controller), which increases the overall dependability of this platform.

MVC allows Test-Driven Development, meaning developers can precisely create and test modules under the specifications.

Quick Development

Most companies choose CodeIgniter Training Certification in Ghaziabad for web development due to its speedy development solutions.

It is essential to use this framework when someone wants to get quick development services without trouble.

Better Search Engine Optimization

It offers various options that aid in the overall optimization of the site without impacting the design or other essential components such as layout and layout.

Community Support

CodeIgniter is a community of skilled professionals ready to assist clients with best-in-class assistance, especially when having issues with advanced development tools.

Some code sources can be reused using only minor changes, which can turn into a great resource to enhance development with minimal effort.

Test-Driven Development

CodeIgniter is the sole platform to support testing-driven development. This means developers can utilize the step-by-step test approach when designing a site.

One can quickly evaluate the performance or functionality of the site.

Codeigniter Course Certification: Most Secure Framework

There are a lot of web development companies, and every one of them is seeking greater security.

If you select CodeIgniter Development, it has numerous security-rich features and additional features with inbuilt output and input filtering functions.

It is primarily responsible for encryption and decryption procedures, and it's advantageous for the CodeIgniter Training Certification developers to be in charge and manage the data throughout the installation process.

Codeigniter: Simpler Configuration

CodeIgniter PHP framework Training is a free, usable setup that comes as an archive.

This can help in improving how you write PHP using this framework.

This helps create web-based applications that do not have the burden of conforming to complex syntax schemes in less time.

Use of CodeIgniter Course Training in Ghaziabad

You can create anything you like, including an online website, web application API, games, and many more, with the help of CodeIgniter Training with Certification.

Please do it now without delay.

There are several advantages to using CodeIgniter for your business site to improve functionality and speed.

CodeIgniter is the platform to provide an improved development environment for web developers.

CodeIgniter Certification Course: More Effective Results with Less Codes

CodeIgniter is a well-known application development framework that lets creators write just a few codes.

It is not necessary to install third-party libraries, which allows for the speed of the development of web apps.

Thus, this framework is the most popular choice when you require speedy web app development features.

Softcrayons is the best IT Training Institute in Ghaziabad that makes your work & career more approachable. So join today.


  • 14 Chapters
  • What is use of oops programming?
  • What is Class in PHP?
  • Declaration of Class.
  • Creating an object for class
  • PHP Access Specifier Private, protected and public
  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstract Class
  • Final Class in oops
  • Constructor – php 4
  • Constructor and Destructor – php5
  • Scope Resolution Operator (::) in php
  • Parent keyword in oops
  • Self keyword in oops
  • This keyword in oops
  • Class constants
  • Making Life Easier for the Developer
  • Model
  • Views
  • Helpers and Libraries
  • First Things First: The Model
  • Creating the Controller
  • Creating the View
  • Modifying the Controller
  • Modifying the View
  • The system/Folder
  • The system/application Folder
  • config.php
  • database.php
  • autoload.php
  • routes.php
  • The Database Library
  • The Session Library
  • The Form Helper
  • The URL Helper
  • Models and Database Tables
  • Controllers
  • Views
  • Using Folders to Organize Controllers
  • Creating the Login Mechanism
  • Creating the Home Page of the Admin Panel
  • Creating an Export Function for Categories
  • Creating an Export Function for Products
  • Importing a CSV Import Library for Products
  • Creating the Database Table
  • Creating the Model
  • Creating the Admin/Pages Controller
  • Creating the Administrative Views
  • Choosing and Integrating a WYSIWYG
  • Editor
  • Updating the Welcome Controller
  • Creating the Database Table and Model
  • Adding a subscribe() Function
  • Creating the Form
  • Creating Administrative Screens
  • Filtering User Input
  • Encrypting Sessions
  • Additional Security Resources

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Pianshi Chaudhary
10 July 2023

Well qualified professionals for training and very supportive staff. If you workhard it's never difficult to get a job readily.

issha singh
28 January 2024

Softcrayons provided an excellent PHP training program. The course was comprehensive, covering both the basics and advanced concepts. The instructors were knowledgeable and patient, making sure to address all our doubts. I feel well-equipped to apply my PHP skills in real-world projects."

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