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Structure of Java Framework Training Courses & Certification

 Programming language is gaining attention continuously. Every industry needs a certified employee. So, the students are searching for a Java Framework Training Institute in Ghaziabad.

Let's see the Framework and its benefits…

Java has maintained its place in the top three popular languages for a long time due to its platform.

 The platform includes many more things than simply a language for programming.

It also contains various code libraries and frameworks that are pre-made code components utilized frequently by developers.

Through the Java Framework Certification in Ghaziabad, you can grow your career without any hurdles.
Check out more about the top frameworks and uses of it…...

Therefore, regardless of the area of Algorithms and Data Structures or development, it can prove extremely useful to young coders in the modern age. Java is one of the languages you could choose if you want to get through a coding interview or create your project.

Top Java Frameworks Courses Included

We now have a clear understanding of the basics of what Java frameworks can be; let's move forward and look at the most popular Java Frameworks Training in Ghaziabad that software companies are utilizing:


Spring Framework is considered one of the most versatile Java frameworks to simplify developing enterprise-class applications.
Since its introduction, the open and durable Framework has seen a considerable increase in popularity, to the point that it's often described as the Framework of frameworks.
Spring is a loosely coupled, open-source Java application framework.

Spring is light and is often considered an alternative to the control container used on the Java platform.
Most Java applications rely on the essential elements of the Spring Framework.

Furthermore, extensions have been designed to let developers create Web Applications on top of the Java Enterprise Edition platform. Spring Framework is as follows.

One can use the Spring Framework:

It provides features for developing web-based applications and is used to create Enterprise Java Applications (JEE).


The Hibernate framework is another tool for mapping objects using the Java programming language.

An incredible framework offers a framework that maps an object-oriented domain model and an underlying database.

It provides information on mapping Java classes to the configuration of databases.

Let's look at some of the uses of Hibernate.

Hibernate assists in developing persistent classes that follow notions of object-oriented programming.

It allows the communication of users with databases effortlessly by making minimal modifications in the code, thereby making it possible to bridge the gap between the words of relational objects and objects.

The database operation performed for Java entities is very simple with Hibernate.


Play Framework is an open-source web-based application framework. It is based on the well-known MVC (or Model View Controller) architectural pattern.

Scala is employed to create this Framework and is accessible from other programming languages converted into JVM bytes, such as Java.

Play shares many similarities with Django and Ruby on Rails or ASP.NET architecture. Additionally, it doesn't necessarily follow its J2EE Web standard.

In addition, it is designed to eliminate any issues with conventional Java web development, including the slow software development cycles, a lot of configurations, and so on.
The uses of this particular Framework are as follows:

Play is primarily utilized to build web-based applications that need content creation and various other Java or Scala applications.

Play Frameworks are an excellent choice for web applications.

Apache Struts

Apache Struts is a Java Framework that's free, open-source, and built upon the MVC architectural pattern.

It is a framework used to create elegant and modern Java web-based applications. With Apache Struts, the convention is preferred over configuration.

It can be extended through a plugin-based architecture and is available with different plugins that support REST, AJAX, and

The various uses for Apache Struts are listed below:

The creation using MVC-based Web Applications is effortless by using Apache Struts.

To adopt the MVC Architectural Pattern, Apache Struts extends the Java Servlet API.


It is a light framework suitable for rapid development since it can support many features, including complex configurations, log and application metrics, and more.

Drop wizard is regarded to be an independent ecosystem composed of all dependencies that are bundled into one package.

Drop wizard could be utilized in some of the scenarios below:

Development of applications where Operation Friendliness is essential.

The rapid growth of APIs.

Product out of Java microservices.

Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Based on the title itself, Google Web Toolkit was created by Google. One can use this tool to design sophisticated Internet Java apps.

The capability of Google Web Toolkit to convert Java code into JavaScript code - including custom code based on the browser- is among the attributes that make it stand out compared to other Java Frameworks.

The following uses of the Framework are as follows:

Many Google products, such as AdSense, Google Wallet, and Blogger, were developed with Google Web Toolkit.

The Google Web Toolkit makes using Google APIs easy and is a developer-friendly framework. One can create beautiful JavaScript front-end apps by using this Google Web Toolkit.

Java Server Faces (JSF)

Java Server Faces one can use to create user interfaces based on components used in web-based applications.

It was made a formal standard as part of the Java Community Process being part of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition.

Built on an MVC architecture pattern, Java Server Faces simplifies the design of user interfaces (UI) that are server-based applications through reused UI components within a page.
The uses of JSF are as follows:

Java Server Faces are known for their durability and architecture that ultimately define the difference between representation and application logic. This is why it can be employed to develop native applications.


Vaadin is also an open-source Java framework. It consists of web-based components:

A Java web framework and tools and applications are starting points.

Vaadin Platform, its flagship product, allows the development of HTML5 web-based user interfaces using Java.
The use of the Framework is as follows:
Vaadin's light Java framework, Vaadin Flow, can handle routing and server-client communications.

It is a tool that can automate communications with the web browser and the server, making it easier to manage developing websites.


The design inspiration comes from frameworks such as Node.js' Express, Python's Flask, Golang's Macaron, and more.

The Blade is built entirely from scratch with these objectives in mind: to be self-contained, productive, and elegant, as well as intuitive and incredibly speedy.

Blade offers a simple routing interface, which helps make the web API simpler and easier to comprehend and assists in synchronizing data to the web.

The edge is built upon Java 8, with the web server and template engine integrated into the Framework.

The most common uses of Blade are the following:

Web-based applications that are built upon MVC architectural patterns. One can build MVC architectural patterns with the help of Blade.
One can build self-contained, practical, sophisticated, and user-friendly applications very quickly by using Blade.


The Framework is written in the Groovy programming language. Based on the Groovy programming language, the Grails framework functions as a highly dynamic framework that operates on the Java platform and is compatible with Java syntax.

It can be integrated with Java technologies like Java EE containers, SiteMesh, Spring Quartz, and Hibernate.

It has been designed to be a high-performance framework using a "coding by convention" paradigm, which provides an independent development environment that hides many configuration details from the programmer.

A few of the applications of the Framework are as follows:

It is very developer-friendly, with thorough documentation.

Developers can create their plugins or their plugins and include Grails IDE support for various platforms.

Benefits of Taking Java Frameworks Training With Certificate

Here, you will discover the benefits of Java Frameworks courses.

Detecting Safe Keeping Process

One of the main benefits of using a framework is its security. A comprehensive framework will typically include safe applications.
You can directly go to the Framework's website if you detect a security vulnerability or a flaw; this is where one will address the security issue.

Extensive Support System

Extensively used frameworks are likely to have an extensive support group or large forums where one can resolve their problems and have questions addressed.
They also have documentation that helps one learn about the Framework.

Efficiency in Every Task

Using many programming pages, an average task can require a long time or days.
Using Java frameworks, such studies can be accomplished quickly using pre-defined functions, and development becomes simpler to complete, faster, and more effective.

Cost Analysis

The maintenance cost for the Framework can be low. Additionally, most structures are already in place and assist developers in writing faster. If the code is completed more quickly, the cost will be less in all ways, whether it's energy or time.

Softcrayons is the top-rated IT Training Institute In Ghaziabad. So, it is best to join it today to come with the best Java Training Courses with Certification.

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  • Definition and Purpose of Java Frameworks
  • Streamlining Development with Frameworks
  • Overview of Popular Java Frameworks

  • Introduction to the Spring Framework
  • Core Concepts: Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI)
  • Modules within the Spring Ecosystem (Spring MVC, Spring Boot)

  • Overview of the Struts Framework
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture in Struts
  • Handling User Requests and Form Submissions

  • Understanding Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)
  • Hibernate as a Framework for Database Interaction
  • Mapping Java Classes to Database Tables

  • Introduction to JavaServer Faces (JSF)
  • Component-Based Web Application Development
  • JSF Life Cycle and Navigation Handling

  • Understanding the Play Framework for Web Applications
  • Reactive Programming and Asynchronous Features
  • Simplifying Development with Convention over Configuration

  • Overview of the Apache Wicket Framework
  • Component-Based Web Development in Wicket
  • Building Scalable and Maintainable Web Applications

  • Introduction to the Vaadin Framework
  • UI Components and Data Binding in Vaadin
  • Creating Rich Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

  • Exploring the Spark Framework for Web Applications
  • Lightweight and Versatile Web Development
  • RESTful API Development with Spark

  • Overview of Microservices Architecture
  • Java Frameworks for Microservices (Spring Cloud, Micronaut)
  • Building Scalable and Distributed Systems
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