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Node.js Training in Ghaziabad

Node.js is a technology that has revolutionized the way applications are built and executed in the realm of web development. To help developers harness the full potential of this powerful runtime environment, SoftCrayons, a renowned technology education provider, offers an immersive Node.js training program. 

Benefits of Learning Node.js:

Node.js is known for its asynchronous and event-driven architecture, which has become a cornerstone for building scalable and high-performance applications. SoftCrayons Tech Solution's Node.js training program provides a deep understanding of JavaScript along with hands-on experience in leveraging Node.js for server-side development. This approach enables developers to create efficient, real-time applications.

Mastering Node.js: A Comprehensive Curriculum for the Latest Advancements and Best Practices in JavaScript Development

The Node.js curriculum is designed to cover the latest advancements and industry best practices, from fundamental JavaScript concepts to in-depth exploration of Node.js modules and frameworks. Practical application is emphasized through hands-on projects, ensuring that developers not only grasp theoretical concepts but can also implement them effectively.

Why choose Softcrayons for Node.js training in Ghaziabad

SoftCrayons' Node.js training program is guided by a team of experienced and industry-savvy instructors, who offer insights into real-world application scenarios. The mentorship provided by these experts enhances the learning journey, helping developers navigate the intricacies of Node.js with confidence.

Real-world projects are an integral part of the program, encouraging participants to apply their Node.js knowledge in practical scenarios. This hands-on approach ensures that developers are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of modern web development, fostering problem-solving skills critical for success in the industry.

The Node.js training program is designed to produce future-ready developers who are equipped with the skills necessary to build scalable, efficient, and innovative applications. This makes them valuable contributors to the ever-evolving landscape of web development.

In conclusion, SoftCrayons' Node.js training stands as a beacon of excellence, offering a holistic and practical approach to mastering this transformative technology. Elevate your web development journey with SoftCrayons' Node.js training, where knowledge meets innovation, and developers are empowered to shape the future of web applications.



  • 10 Chapters
  • Understanding the basics of Node.js
  • Node.js architecture and event-driven programming
  • Installing Node.js and npm
  • Configuring a basic Node.js project
  • Exploring the CommonJS module system
  • Creating and using modules in Node.js
  • Callbacks and the event loop
  • Promises and async/await for handling asynchronous operations
  • Introduction to Express.js framework
  • Creating and handling routes, middleware, and controllers
  • Connecting to databases using Node.js
  • Implementing CRUD operations with MongoDB and Mongoose
  • Implementing user authentication using Passport.js
  • Handling user roles and permissions
  • Introduction to WebSocket communication
  • Building real-time features with
  • Unit testing with Mocha and Chai
  • Integration testing and test-driven development (TDD)
  • - Deploying Node.js applications to cloud platforms
  • - Scaling strategies for Node.js applications

Student Feedback

104 Rating


Atul Rana
26 July 2023

very good service and creative one. and staff are very good he always solved our problems. i can strongly recommend for studying professional studies of web designing and graphic designing. institute also provide 100% placement assistance.

tusha bhat
03 August 2023

One of the best institute for programming language course Good Behaviour Good way of explaining by mahatab sir, the teacher there.

megha kanojia
03 August 2023

The faculty is very good .they help us clearing ours doubts. The curriculum is good.

rajkumari jaiswal
03 August 2023

Thank You so much Shashank sir, for providing me with wonderful job opportunities. I got selected in more than three companies under your guidance. The way you deal with students and make them feel stress-free at the time of the interview is really amazing. I am greatful to have you as a placement head of softcrayons tech solution , always encourage me. Your efforts in inviting the brand companies to the softcrayons tech solution campus for the recruitment drive are really appreciated. I am very very thankful 🙏🙏 to you sir.

03 August 2023

Great institute for learning new technologies and especially good number of placement opportunities their as well. Thanks for helping me in the placement.

Rohit Sharma
03 September 2023

I am a web design student, There is a good environment you are embarking on a dynamic and ever-evolving journey of digital creativity. Embrace the power of user-centric design and the art of crafting engaging and intuitive web experiences. Develop a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, understanding their role in creating interactive and responsive websites. Dive into the world of user experience (UX) design, focusing on usability, accessibility, and user-centred design principles.

16 September 2023

Softcrayons Tech Solution has transformed my online presence. Their web design services are top-notch, and my website looks fantastic!"

16 September 2023

"I couldn't be happier with the website Softcrayons Tech Solution created for me. It's not just visually stunning, but also highly functional."

16 September 2023

"Softcrayons Tech Solution's attention to detail in web design is commendable. My website now reflects the professionalism of my business."

16 September 2023

The team at Softcrayons Tech Solution exceeded my expectations with their innovative web design. They truly understand the art of creating an engaging online experience."

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Node.Js Full-Stack Training Institute
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